Town planning Firms

Member Id Firm Name Principal Town Planners Category Status
FP/0001/2014 Shah & Associates Shah Muhammad Misbah A-1 REGISTERED
FP/0461/2015 Sheher Saaz Khurram Farid A-1 REGISTERED
FP/00137/2016 Innovative Development Consultants (Pvt) Limited Zaffar Pervez Sabri A-1 REGISTERED
FP/00532/2016 EPAC Consultants Pvt (Ltd) Sanaullah A-1 REGISTERED
FP/00430/2017 Urban Community Housing(Pvt) Limited M. Saleem Baluch A-1 REGISTERED
FP/00392/2016 SEDCO Waqas Amer A-2 REGISTERED
FP/00372/2016 4th Dimension Consulting Nadeem Khurshid A-2 REGISTERED
FP/00154/2017 HP Consultants Abdul Haleem A-2 REGISTERED
FP/00386/2017 M.S.Associates Khurram Shahzad A-2 REGISTERED
FP/00285/2015 Al-Latif Associates Muhammad Saleem A-3 REMOVED
FP/00447/2017 Creatives Associates Muhammad Anwar Jellani A-3 REMOVED
FP/00679/00680/2015 City Pulse Private Limited Khydija Wakeel Muhammad Qadeer ul Hussain A-4 REGISTERED
FP/00510/2015 Tristr International Ghazanfar Abbas A-4 REMOVED
FP/00858/2018 Resilience Gateway Pvt Ltd Taimoor ul Haq A-4 REGISTERED
FP/00688/00668/2018 The Urban Solution Pvt Limited Syed Rizwan Munir Fauzia Rizwan A-4 REGISTERED
FP/00507/2018 Contemporary Associates Naveed ul Haq A-4 REGISTERED
FP/00727/2018 Ashrafi Associates Syed sajjad Ali A-4 REMOVED
FP/00201/2019 Planner and Designer (P&D) Associates Ch. Abdul Ghaffar A-4 REGISTERED
FP/00059/2019 Izhar & Associates Consulting Izhar ul Haq A-4 REGISTERED
FP/00519/2019 Projection Consultant Plus Mushtaque Ahmed Muhammad Khalid A-4 REGISTERED
FP/00254/2020 Concept Engineers Planners Architectand Construction Services Pvt Ltd Iltaf Hussain A-4 REGISTERED